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Morgan Bain – Logo & Wooden Sign

We created a branding mark for musician Morgan Bain. Wanting to combine a few elements to represent Morgan we took hints from his initials, music, and more importantly mountains and ocean curves. As well as being a musician Morgan is a very down to earth guy who enjoys the surf and skateboarding – this was also something we endeavored to convey. The logo sits comfortably alongside surf and skate labels whilst being unique.

The process of creating the logo took a leap after experimenting with wood burning (pyrography) and the curves formed naturally with the wood. So it was back to the computer and refined further.

The wooden sign was created to sit on stage and is approx 90cm across. This was an idea to avoid the hanging banner as used by some bands and also lends itself to Morgan’s style of roots music. It was burnt in by hand and sealed. We loved the process and feel of a handcrafted wooden sign and hope to do more in the future…