Adapt Fitness – Website

Building on from the new branding identity we designed it was important to be more than a postcard business page. So we have put in the tools to build a community and share the philosophy and values behind ‘Adapt Fitness’ – its seen as a shared journey and encourages participation. We’ve made the blog an integral part of the site while still highlighting the boot camp classes with a slideshow. Payments for classes can be made via the website with a few added features (coupon codes) with the potential to sell various products and determine shipping costs in the future as the business expands. Keeping the management of the site simple alongside social media was also important and has been integrated with casual snaps from classes and class music requests part of the laid back and inclusive approach.

Website Features include:
– secure shop (with coupon codes, stock control, shipping cost estimate)
– mailing list (run with mailchimp, assistance with setup and template provided)
– slideshow for highlighted content (classes)
– social media feeds and share options (twitter, facebook and instagram)
– user managed content with wordpress (blog)
– strong SEO
– contact form with required input fields and security features

See it in action here